Implementing Trial Observer Scoresheet

There are two parts to using the Observer Scoresheet app:

  • Working with your observers to use the app on their sections.
  • Transferring the scoresheets onto your results spreadsheet.


  • Tell your observers that you will be using the app and encourage them to download it and practice using it before the trial. The Help page within the app should give them everything they need to know.
  • If an observer doesn't want to use the app, don't worry. Let them continue the old way. It will take time to get everyone on-board.
  • Make sure the observers have the email address for sending the results file when the trial is over. If there is a mobile signal at the trial venue, you will be able to get them to send it immediately before going home. If not they can send it as soon as they get a signal, or when they get home.
  • Give all the observers an old-fashioned observer's sheet too. It will be a fallback in case of a flat phone battery or a phone being dropped into a stream.


  • The filename of each CSV file will tell you which section it applies to.
  • If your results presentation includes each lap, use the Laps columns.
  • If your results presentation gives a single score for each sections, use the Total column.
  • Copy all the results cells as a block and paste them into your results spreadsheet. you may be able to do it as a single block or you may have to do it in a few chunks.
  • Repeat for each section that has been scored with the app.
  • Check through the results for any anomalies. If there is a 'MS' (missed section) against a rider for some laps, you will need to put in the '5' manually if you present results for each lap. If using the total column, it already takes account of that.

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