Sample Results from the Observer Scoresheet

The Trial Observer Scoresheet produces a small spreadsheet file in CSV format that can be read by any spreadsheet program ie Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.

Scoresheet Results File

Click the little screenshot above to download a sample file and try out how it would work with your club's results spreadsheet.

The sample file contains a number of features to demonstrate what will be seen in a typical results file:

  • The results are for a small entry with about 30 riders, but the app is capable of handling up to 300 riders. There are no riders 11, 12, 13 or 33 so those numbers just separate classes or routes (or the rider may be a non-starter). The spreadsheet will always have rows up to the highest rider number recorded by the observer.
  • In this case it is a 3 lap trial.
  • The observer has added a comment against rider number 2.
  • Rider number 20 has only completed 1 lap.
  • Rider number 25 has only completed 2 laps.
  • The first four rows of the spreadsheet give the name of the trial (as written by the observer), the section number, the observer's name and phone number.
  • Results processing can either use individual lap scores or a total for each section, depending on the way your club's results spreadsheet works.

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