ANDROID phone or tablet

On the home page you will see a big white box with an "Install" button. Click that button and the app will install itself. You'll have to allow a couple of permissions. Finally drag the icon to a convenient place on your phone's screen.


Tap the Share icon () at the bottom of your screen (the top, on an iPad), then Add to Home Screen (you will have to scroll down on an iPhone), and then Add (top right corner on an iPhone). Finally drag the icon to a convenient place on your phone's screen.

The first time you open the app, make sure you have an internet connection so the app can load itself into the special cache. After that the app will operate without any internet.


The app is designed to be used with the Chrome browser on Android or Safari browser on iPhone. Those are the default browsers for most phones, though Huawei and Xiaomi have their own browsers and you may need to change to Chrome before you can install the app.


Trial Observer Scoresheet makes life easier for the observer and most especially, the results team. You mark the riders with a few simple clicks and at the end of the trial you email a file with all the scores to the trial organiser. You don't need an internet connection when observing, but you will need one to send in the file. Mobile data will do fine as the file is very small.

Do make sure your device is fully charged at the start of the day. It's also worth opening the app once before you leave home on the day of a trial to make sure your device hasn't purged the files belonging to the app (it has happened, though very rare).


To begin, go to the BEFORE A TRIAL page and click "Reset All" to clear any results left over from a previous trial.

Then fill in the name of the trial, the number of laps, your section number, your name and telephone number.


After that, switch to the SCORING THE TRIAL page and you're ready to go. For each rider:

If you want to check the scores recorded so far, click on "Check Scores" near the bottom of the SCORING THE TRIAL page. This will give you a table of rider's scores for each lap marked so far (similar to an old-fashioned paper observer's sheet). It will alert you if you have recorded more laps that the event is using.

Then if you need to correct a mistake, click on "Correction". Tap the lap number and the new score, and then tap "Enter" to record the new score. You can also delete a lap/score entirely. In that case the other laps will close up, so for example, if you delete the score for lap 1, lap 2 will become the new lap 1 and so on.

You can also put a comment against any rider number. Click on "Add a Comment" at the bottom of the SCORING THE TRIAL page, then select "Last Rider" or put in the rider's number, write your comment and tap "Save".


When the trial is finished, go to the AFTER THE TRIAL page and click on "Create Score Sheet". That will store a CSV (spreadsheet) file of your results in your default folder, probably "Downloads".

Finally, you need to send the Score Sheet to the trial organiser. This varies depending on whether you have an Android or Apple device. In either case the first step is to click "Send Score Sheet".

If you are using Android, open your email app, add the CSV file as an attachment and send it to the organiser's email address.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, just tap the share icon , select "Mail", insert the organiser's email address and send.

Make sure you have an internet connection when you send.


This app was created by Redcliffe Web and is sponsored by Little Hotels.